eclec0031 [eclectics Mix Series]

01. Bogdan Irkuk aka Bulgari – When I Dream of New York [Rollerboys]
02. Sultan Shakes – Interstellar Love (Young Marcos Trybal Dubb) [REVIVEHER]
03. Ess O Ess – Re-Enter (Man Power Remix) [ene]
04. Secret Squirrel – SS1B [Secret Squirrels]
05. Foster – Neon Life [Phantom Island]
06. Marcel Janovsky – Still In Paradise [200]
07. Willie Colón ‎- Set Fire To Me (Latin Jazzbo Version) [A&M]
08. Coyote – Fight The Future (Chida Remix) [Clandestino]
09. Chamboche – Gwyllt [Tusk Wax]
10. Roy Ayers ‎- Slip ‘N’ Slide [CBS]
11. Rick Poppa Howard – Do What You Have To Do (Instr.) [Hour House Is Your Rush]
12. Medlar – Aya Chan [Wolf]
13. Chroma Oscura – Soft Crystal [Balihu]
14. Lindstrøm ‎- I Feel Space [Feedelity]
15. Blackbyrds – Something Special (KGO edit) [Basic Fingers]
16. Jiraffe ‎- Out’A The Box (Club Vocal Dub Mix) [Omaggio]
17. Knightlife – Don’t Stop (Suzanne Kraft remix) [Cutters]
18. June – Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles’ Lost Dancefloor) [These Days]
19. Furry Phreaks – Lament For A Dead Computer Part 2 [Miso]
20. Kuniyuki – Earth Beats (Cloud Of Dust Guitar Dub Mix) [Mule Musiq]

All vinyl live DJ mix by Yuki Tosaya
November 2016 under the supermoon

country:  UK
date:  25 Nov 2016
artist:  TG SOUNDSYSTEM as Yuki Tosaya
title:  eclec0031 [eclectics Mix Series]
label:  eclectics
code:  0031
mix:  Yuki Tosaya